Astrological methods

Our birth-chart is the blueprint for your soul’s journey through life.

I can tell about who you really are as well as what others see. Therefore a correct chart is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to understand themselves better and aims to achieve their fullest potential.

I always ‘rectify’ birth-charts – a method that ensures that your axis, houses, your Ascendant and Midheaven are exact, and that your present influences are active.

For that I will ask you for your date, time and place of birth, plus a minimum of five dates of important events in your life.

During the consultation I will analyze your birth-chart looking at issues such as your personality, emotions, talents, childhood, home, parental influences, education, relationships, career, money, children, leisure, creativity, aspirations, sexuality, and spiritual life.

I can offer yearly trends, updates on what is active at this moment as calculated on the basis of your birth-chart.

I can answer one-off questions about events or which direction to take, this is called Horary Technique (this can be written and sent to you).

I also offer horoscopes for children (which cannot yet be rectified) to help parents understand the nature and potential of their children, so as to know how best to support them through their early years.

I can analyze relationships, comparing two birth-charts and creating a composite, advising on strengths and weaknesses in a relationship, and how you can benefit from the differences.

Instead of a personal consultation, I can now offer to record the reading of your horoscope onto a CD and send it to you wherever you are in the world. However I will still recommend a personal consultation, if you have the possibility, as that creates a much better dynamic between you and the astrologer, and you are also able to ask questions as they pop up or steer the analyses in the direction, you wish it to go deeper.