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Life Begins With Love

Age of Aquarius February 2009


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                                   Julian Cope 




The passage of Venus over the disc of the Sun

Life begins with Love. A few words standing clear in my memory from a dream. What does it mean? What is it about? Late that night I checked my e-mail, and my Danish friend wrote: this Venus? Sun passage ? what is that about? – – – Life begins with Love!

How it happens

Venus is an inner planet from us, nearer to the Sun, and therefore will always appear in the same quarter of the sky, never in the rest. Oppositions and even squares are technically impossible. Venus will either rise as the Morning Star just before the Sun, or appear out of the blue sky as the Evening Star just as the Sun sets.

Conjunctions between Sun and Venus in the Zodiac happens on almost a yearly basis and are by no means rare. As seen from the Earth, Venus overtakes the Sun, runs along, then grinds to a holt, before turning backwards, what in astrological terms are called retrograde. Then in backwards motion it meets up with the Sun again and continues further back in the Zodiac. Eventually it stops and returns to forward motion now aiming to catch up with the Sun again. Due to the speed of the two of them, this will occur at about a year and a half intervals.

At the time of conjunctions, we will not see Venus, as it is within the Sun?s rays, which over-shines it. However at most times, the two will not be in exactly the same spot in the sky, only in the same degree of the Zodiac, but one further up or down on the horizon. As we know, it is New Moon every month, a conjunction of Sun and Moon, but only occasionally do we have eclipses, which happens, when they are at the same height from the horizon and therefore exactly overlaps each other.

And this is what we will get with Venus and The Sun on this occasion, an event that rare, that the last one happened in 1882, so nobody alive today is likely to have seen one or in any other way experienced its influence.

Clearly the Sun is not gonna be eclipsed in a way, so that it looses its light, because Venus is so much smaller, it will only cover a fraction of the Sun?s surface, but it will be visible from Europe (weather-gods willing) just after sunrise on the 8th of June and it will reach climax at about 9 30 AM. Please don?t go looking directly at the Sun without protection glasses, as the same safety warnings are relevant as for a ?normal? eclipse; you will damage your eyes, if you do so.

Rare as these passages are, when they do occur, they happen in pairs, and there will be another one on the 6th June 2012, again in Gemini, but only visible from the other side of the Earth ? not here. This is in the year which ends the present epoch of the Mayan Calendar, and there is a legend that these conjunctions will herald the return of the prophet Quetzalcoatl; which will lead to a period of improved communication and co-operation between peoples.

What the mythology says

In modern western astrology, Venus is seen as the planet of l-o-v-e. However in the Greek origins, she was Aphrodite as the evening star, goddess of love, beauty, arts, but as the morning star she was Athena Nike , goddess of the just war and victory, however that also makes it the planet of peace, because after a victory, you are likely to get peace. This duality did survive in Roman mythology, as they became Vesper and Lucifer. In Sumeria she was Inanna, but with two different faces. She was the bringer of universal love as well as being a fertility goddess. Together with Utu the Sun, her brother, she helped create the world, as without the sexual act there can be no life; so she also brings the uncontrollable desires between men and women, the falling in love as well as the darker passions of jealousy, hatred and destructiveness. Legends tell of her descend into the Underworld and dying to our world, which would have been the time of the conjunctions with the Sun, when she is no longer visible to our eyes until she is reborn on the other side, changing her positions between Morning and Evening star. So the conscious self has to unite with the unconscious, the shadow, to face and release our inner demons, or they will rise up at a later date and destroy us. The oppositions happening between Venus and Pluto both before and after the conjunction with the Sun, strongly emphasises this.

In some traditions she was a woman as the Evening star, but male when she rises as the Morning star. There are references to her warrior status also in other cultures.

Ishtar would ride a chariot drawn by lions carrying a bow, and she would be wilful and threatening even when in love, and she would drain her lovers? energies.

To the Chinese she was a war-goddess, but also responsible for the harvest.

The Aztecs made decisions about battles and sacrifices by watching Venus and Jupiter.

I would like to add to this the meaning of the fixed star Bellatrix in Orion, nearest to this degree of the Zodiac: the name means ?the Female Warrior? and it signifies ?swiftly coming? or ?swiftly destroying?, so I do not think, we will avoid the reality of war, destruction and somebody?s victory over somebody else. According to the ancients it gives great civil or military honour, but danger of sudden dishonour, fame, wealth, high standing friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin. With the sun it makes people changeable, indecisive in business, riches and honour but final ruin, blindness, disease, fevers or violent death. With Venus it gives much suffering through love-affairs due to unrestrained feelings.

So Venus is a planet of dual nature. In the case of a strong conjunction like this one ? which one is gonna come out? Probably they are both gonna be present on the day and in the events, this conjunction announces.

What does it mean to humankind?

Life begins with Love. We know that, because when it is missing, we often feel dead and empty inside. And when we fall in love, it feels, as if we are just born. The world is new and full of possibilities. Venus with the Sun combines the life-force in its most pure expression with the love-force in all its might. There is no stronger force in this world. Love conquers all, and this is true, if it is real love, nothing can stop it; not wars where people are on opposite sides of the conflict, not age-old hatred between families of maybe a different religion, nor the offers of money if the lover will be with somebody else.

If we all loved our fellow beings, there would be no killings, no war, no crime, because we wouldn?t be able to go through with it. If we all loved the Earth we live on, there would be no pollution, no exploitation of the resources. We would look at nature and think; no, we can?t do that to this beautiful place.

So why are these things happening all the time? Has modern human forgotten how to love? Are people conditioned to suppress their love in favour of wealth and power?

So now comes this event of Venus having a perfect union with Sun in the sign of Gemini. The dualistic twins which are easily distracted or enticed into changing direction or opinions. But this is only the very superficial understanding of Gemini.

To many ancient cultures, Gemini was represented by a man and a woman, the Lovers, who here at Midsummer enters the sacred marriage. In ancient times this would have been done symbolically by the priestess and the King, and was a necessary act and a duty to keep the fertility of the land vibrant. In some early Christian writings they are described as Adam and Eve, who went on to have twin sons. In India they are the divine male-female couple, rulers of dance, song, crafts love?s pleasures and gambling.

In some other cultures they are in conflict, one being good, the other bad. That could describe the split in the personality of many people; we see Donald Duck ( a Gemini actually) with his little guiding angel on one shoulder and his little devil on the other having a good fight over which action Donald should take.

And we are actually having Venus do an unusually long dance around Gemini, from she first entered (4th April), went through most of the sign, turned retrograde (18th May), meets up with Sun (8th June) and also Mercury (12th June), before turning direct again (30th June), and finally leaving the sign (7th August).

So what are her teachings, what is her message? To me, it has to be about communicating better and more honest between man and woman, between lovers and friends, to be open to a deeper level of connecting between us. To understand and respect the motives behind actions, both our own and those of others. To meet each other truthfully and with integrity and create relationships that are founded in real love and compassion. If this is not attempted and reached to some degree, the wars in our relationships, the quarrels and the emotional deaths will grow out of control. And if we don?t achieve this on a personal level, we cannot expect our leaders to get it on the world-level. I remember one of the popular slogans of my childhood: Make Love not War!

That we at the same time see oppositions to Pluto in Sagittarius, can both reveal how difficult this will feel to many people, as they are scared to open up to those deeper sides of themselves and trust their fellow human with such strong emotions; and also that there are forces in this world working against this happening, maybe most actively amongst religious organisations or established hierarchies, because if we were all relating with love and honesty, nobody would be able to control us neither on a personal level nor on a bigger scale by mis-government. We must learn that co-operation produces the best results for everyone.

This is a perfect opportunity to re-address how we relate to others in any situation, to really understand, what is going on, and to work on improving how we put ourselves across and what we really communicate to others. Pluto in opposition will force us to see the truth whether it hurts or not, and we may have to do some ?cleaning out? in our circles of friends, some relationships may no longer serve us, and if we have grown apart, we must part, because if we don?t, we will be holding each other back from experiencing something more suited for where we are at now, and we will be kept back from developing and expressing our full potential. Sometimes painful decisions have to be taken, and it is important to learn to listen to our hearts rather than to our minds, but when the action is taken, the stale or false relationships cleared out, then we are ready to start a new life on true relating.

The conjunction of Sun and Venus certainly also brings in new beginnings, new loves, new ways of relating, all you have to do is be open to it and be truthful to yourself and others.

This aspect is in its very nature perfect for marriages, and the month of May has seen the weddings of two crown princes, the Danish and the Spanish (symbolised by the Sun), and we should notice here, that they both married for love, they married ?commoners? of no specific status or wealth (symbolised by Venus), and in the future these love-matches will head two of Europe?s nations.

I believe the influences of these energies are already felt by many people on a subconscious level. I have noticed a strong increase in the use of the colours of reds, pinks, oranges and all related shades; this is noticeable both in the use of flowers and decorations of any kind, and in the way people are dressing, I have been astonished to see people who normally were nothing but black suddenly springing out in reds and pinks and looking lovely and vibrant for it.

Besides these great influences for major events in our lives, it will also be a period where the Arts and song will flourish and many will feel the urge to party and have a good time, a very good time, the risk is over-indulgence in all things pleasurable. Scandals are likely to be the result for those who indulge in immorality as seen from the culture within which it happens. However it is important to allow ourselves the joys and beauty of life, it is very needed in such dark times.

What are the influences on a world-level? Seen on a global scale we are most certainly dealing with the dualistic side of Venus emphasised by being in Gemini. And we know, this is tense times in the Middle East indeed, where the very different attempts of creating peace are all threatening to erupt into full scale war. How can we tell these people in Israel and Palestine to love each other, when they are breastfed the traditions and hatred of thousands of years of warring? And how can we tell the people of Iraq to love their American and British ?liberators?, when they are lacking water, food and medicines for their children and are watching foreign troops well-fed committing atrocities in the name of fighting terrorism? Peace could be so near ? but war is just as close. The just war that a people fight, when they have been suppressed for long enough.

In esoteric terms the Sun is the soul of the planetary Logos, while Venus is a lower octave of Neptune. This suggests a period where reflections of cosmic law and principles could be manifested on Earth, maybe some people will be visible channels for the cosmic to function through. We will be forced to look at the value, we put on life. There will be an evaluation of social matters and a consideration of our responsibility towards other people. The need of people to see peace and social justice will grow, they will demand, that everybody be treated better no matter their birth or wealth, no matter their colour or religion, as people?s sense of love and compassion develops and refuses to be suppressed any more.

There will be a growing demand for the truth from people in power, and corruption will no longer be tolerated. There is a good chance of some big revelations in the media, the truth about the people with the real power, behind the ones we see as presidents or ministers, probably this will stretch across boarders to other nations, and it will explain a lot of things, that have been going on for many years.

Looking on a chart for London/England at the time of the conjunction, it look as if a ?partner? in some alliance is not being truthful; they?ve got hidden agendas to further their own aims and power over others. I would say, that this Nation is being deceived by a foreign nation.

This Nation is presumably being ruled from the House of Commons, and the leader seems strong and in control on the outside, but he is being under laid control by some form of a syndicate. Reality is that he is quite weak, either because of health or deceit or being in the wrong place. There are indications of a possible leader-change, however it could be about the Royal House as well as the government

The chart for USA shows a different story, as the leaders there really are in a very strong position, though challenged from abroad. They are in the position of victory. Their leader is quite unreliable and deceitful, but doing well in the media and so far respected. The voice of the people is not being heard or acknowledged.

The chart for Baghdad suggests a new leader and new beginnings on that front, it is likely to be a benevolent leader with a sense of justice and ethics, however the people are not that happy, but very critical. The conjunction actually falls on the Natal Moon of this state, so it is most likely to be affected by its influence. It is also interesting that the hand-over of power to the Iraqi people is set for the 30th June, when Venus will turn direct and begin its renewed journey forward.

It is indeed a strange time, where the pictures of the four royal love-birds, who do look very much in love and happy to have found the real thing, peep out between endless pictures of tanks and fighters and gun-smoke and yet another bulletin about death and destruction. It has reminded at least the Danes and the Spanish about the real meaning and purpose of life, and that our motive for action should always be love. For love creates life. And we regained our hopes for a better future, that the world could be a different place, and that happiness can be restored. We live in a time were even democracy is threatened in the name of anti-terrorism, and there really are enemies out there who want to overturn our ways of life. It is very easy to get too depressed to keep fighting for our beliefs of individual freedom, but here comes two couples who have found the way and the strength to do absolutely the right thing, and they show us in full public view, what it is all about ? love.

 Loné Bxxx Whitestar

Hey and welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Well the month of Aquarius indeed, but there is something much more in motion here than what will just influence the world for this month.
When Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. And you know what, the Jupiter is aligning with Mars right here and now, to be precise on the17th of February, and in the sign of Aquarius! And wouldn?t it be a wonderful thought, if that would spell the end to the fighting and the beginning of peace and love between nations throughout the world? The visions of aquarius manifested in humanitarian concerns overriding the greed and the power struggles?
Many serious astrologers can tell you, that technically we still have a while to go before we enter the Age of Aquarius, but maybe this month can spell just a Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which is really what the song talks about, the dawning of a global consciousness, that wants and works for peace and compassion.
And if the Aquarians are ever gonna get their visions through, then this is as good a time as any, they are gonna get, because half the planets in our solar system are falling over each other in their sign, there is hardly anything left for the rest of us.
Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron and also the Moon node are all in Aquarius. The Moon was there and new on the 26th of January, which also created a solar eclipse, and eclipses always sets a series of events in motion for the whole cycle, be it for better or worse, and it can often culminate on the Full Moon. And we do have an explosive one this month, but more so, because we also have the repeated opposition of the planets Saturn and Uranus, the old and the new ruler of the sign of Aquarius, older and newer gods, and we see this fight in everything going mad on this planet at the moment, the struggles between the old and the new, rigid stagnant structures and the need for renewal and visionary thinking.
We need to stop fighting over this planet or bits of it, and start working together to save what is left of our beautiful nature. I wonder, what the bombs fired in the Middle East lately are doing to our ozone layer? Not to take the attention away from the human suffering, that it causes. This can not continue.
Jupiter is also meeting up with Neptune later into the spring, and this is a meeting of the two planets most connected with religion and their practise, the more formal and ritual part, and the more sensing to make your own way to the true nature of Spirit. Maybe together in Aquarius they can show the way for a new and more open-minded view on religion and spirituality, which can be all-embracing. There is room for all the faiths and practises, if we just respect each other in doing so. At the end of the day we are all striving for the same aims, but there are many pathways there, and who can judge between them?
So you can each make an impact here. On such an auspicious time, with so much motion pointing in the same direction, if every one of you out there make a conscious decision with the help of these magnificent planetary energies this month, to move your consciousness and actions into line with aquarian visions of humanitarian and planetary needs and progress, then wheels will turn, because this is a time for mind over matter, and the word will manifest in the Earth. We have more power than we are aware.

Loné Bxxx Whitestar